Colin Johnson
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Senior Physicist at CERN in the Particle Production Group of the PS Division.

Participating in the CERN Muon Storage Ring Study MSR and the Neutrino Factory Working Group (NFWG)

Member of the US Muon Collaboration  (MC)

My CERN phone number and E-mail Address

NFWG Notes Schematic layout of CERN reference scenario
NF-09    A Cost-Effective Design for a Neutrino Factory     R. Palmer (BNL), C. Johnson, E. Keil (CERN),  March 2000
NF-10    Post-irradiation Examination of a High-Intensity Proton Beam Target    R. Horne, C. Johnson,  November 1999
NF-25    A Distributed Frequency RF Scheme for Capture of Muons    C. Johnson, R. Scrivens,  April 2000
NF-27    Study of the Behaviour of a Pulsed Liquid Jet Target    C. Johnson,  May 2000
NF-28The CERN Neutrino Factory Working group Status Report and Work Plan    B. Autin et Al. August 2000
NF Proposal-1Proposal to study the behaviour of a high-power RF Cavity in a high-intensity pulsed radiation field    C. Johnson,  Sept. 1999

Workshop Reports, Presentations and Transparencies
Targetry Workshop, Oxford, Mississippi January 1997
Targetry Workshop, Princeton & Collaboration Meeting, Alabama February 1998
Targetry Workshop, LBL January 1999
Contribution to collaboration meeting, St. Croix May 1999
Mutac, Fermilab July 1999
Report on the Neutrino Hazard from a Muon Collider - part of CERN 99-02, 1999
Nu-Fact Lyon 1999 - Muon collection
Nu-Fact Lyon 1999 - Liquid jet target
HEMC Workshop, Montauk 1999
CAS Loutraki 2000
Bibliography of CERN targetry papers (1965-1993).

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